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A Progressive Irish Company

for the Railway Construction Industry

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Delivering a fresh approach to project delivery and solution provision.

Through our UK operations 1stinrail have developed a very close working relationship with Specialist European Companies with the aim of introducing world class best practice into the UK and Irish railway industry.
1stinrail UK and Ireland have exclusive links with Rhomberg Bahntechnic.

Rhomberg Bahntechnic are a multi million euro construction company that have developed a large portfolio of track construction techniques to improve the efficiency and quality of railway projects. They have an express speciality in the design, construction, and commissioning of Slab Track.
Rhomberg offer the benefits of 90 years of railway and civil engineering expertise throughout Europe. 
As one of our strategic partners we can utilise the benefits of their knowledge and ability on our UK and Irish based projects.
Rhomberg and 1stinrail together can also provide full surveying support systems developed for high accuracy track positioning.

With access to a wide array of surveying equipment and track quality assessment tools used on high speed lines throughout Europe, 1stinrail Ireland can offer world class track positioning systems to support your project.




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